Why Now

In today's highly competitive information-age, your main source of advantage no longer comes from your superior products, solutions or services alone. It comes from how you sell and interact with your customers.

The trouble is, winning new sales and retaining existing contracts has become increasingly difficult because of changes in customer buying behaviour and the competitive environment.

Buyers now expect consumer-like experiences for transacting low-cost business goods and services. And for those seeking high-value enterprise solutions? Well, they now have much of their buying process completed before you’re getting involved – leaving you with very little room to create differentiated value.

This is having a profound impact on sales performance globally. So much so, that the latest study from leading research firm CSO Insights suggests that just over half (53%) of B2B salespeople are meeting or exceeding their quotas. Suppliers who are failing to act on the need for change in how they sell, have been losing control over their ability to generate profitable business.

However, there are B2B suppliers and sales professionals who have been taking advantage of the need for change. They’re experiencing success because they’ve learned how to create competitive differentiation from the way they sell and interact with their customers. It is an approach which is fundamentally different from their competitors, and one which is driving high-performance outcomes for their business, their teams, and the customers they serve.


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