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Covato Launch Cross-Border Elevate Programme with InterTradeIreland

We’re excited to launch the funded ‘accelerate your cross-border sales’ programme to help ambitious SMEs identify and develop new revenue opportunities across Ireland. The support available through InterTradeIreland’s Elevate Programme is designed for companies with fewer than 10 employees and less than £1.8m in turnover and offers specific expertise worth up to £5000/ €5500 (incl.

Compound Sales Prospecting Routines bring Compounded Results

As I reluctantly showed up to my local budget gym last night to perform the “dreaded” back-squat, I looked up and there – written on the turquoise-coloured wall – were the words “start pulling your weight”. A subtle reminder that while squatting weight can be uncomfortable and often avoided – like sales prospecting – getting

How to Create a Sales Pipeline That Delivers: The 3 Missing Fundamentals

No matter what we set out to achieve today, tomorrow, or in the year ahead, there’s always that part of the brain which is trying to sabotage our efforts.   That voice in our head that pulls us towards the path of least resistance, saying; “it’s okay to put that off until tomorrow”, “I’ll snooze

Jonathan Lancaster

How to disrupt your competition: Lessons from the dancefloor (part 2)

…Continued from ‘How to Disrupt your Competition’ part 1 article here. I recall on several occasions, arriving late to a prospect’s party. On some occasions we didn’t win the business; but there were other times we were successful in displacing a direct competitor or incumbent. In every situation, though, we learned something. I highly recommend

Jonathan Lancaster

How to disrupt your competition: Lessons from the dancefloor (part 1)

Being permitted early access to your ideal customer and gaining “trusted advisor” status (when they put their trust in you as a knowledgeable, subject matter expert), is a podium position that most business-to-business (B2B) suppliers and sales people want to be in. Early access with the right people within your prospects’ circle of influence, is