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The ease-of-access to information and knowledge has accelerated the pace of change in recent times; from the way people buy and sell, to how they compete with others.


Your direct “competition” is no longer the only threat to your business growth and profitability. It’s the challenge of breaking through the noise of competing customer priorities, and other people vying for your potential buyer’s attention – and budget.


But winning the battle for attention is not enough to secure profitable business in today’s crazy, busy world. There’s something else that high-performing B2B sales and marketing teams are doing differently that is allowing them to get ahead consistently and with greater levels of success.


To find out more, we’re delivering a series of specific B2B sales workshops and programmes to help you to do the same. These include:


Competitive strategy

Covato COMPETE ®


B2B companies who are succeeding in today’s fast-paced digital economy, are winning complex sales not because of the latest marketing automation, social platform, or even their unique products. They can help BUT they’re winning because they have a clear strategy, framework and plan of action for how to compete during a sales campaign. The result? They’re winning sales of greater value much faster, at higher margins, and more regularly than their ...

Create a Pipeline

Covato CREATE ®

...a B2B Sales Pipeline That Delivers Profitable Revenue


The accessibility of information and knowledge has accelerated the pace of change in recent times. B2B buyers are much better informed and have greater leverage and bargaining power over their suppliers. But they’re also increasingly stressed, under-resourced and frazzled by competing priorities and reducing project timeframes.


Only trusted people are breaking through in this fast-paced digital world, whilst others are struggling to hit their numbers. The winners are not only gaining early access; they’re creating superior and differentiated customer value, whilst building momentum for change within ...

Sales Coaching for Success

Covato COACH ®


It has undoubtedly become increasingly difficult for sales people to meet and exceed quota as evidenced in several international studies. Shrinking average-order-values, bigger targets and ever-expanding territories, are just some of the pressures that many sales leaders and their teams are under today.


Well-intentioned managers with a desire to coach and get the best out of their people, are faced with growing daily demands and pressures that make it near impossible to find time. This means that regular 1-1 coaching is often placed to back of mind as internal meetings, sales reports and customer problems take priority. Getting the headspace to even think about anything else is ...