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First of all, it has undoubtedly become increasingly difficult for salespeople to meet and exceed quota, as evidenced in several international studies. Shrinking average-order-values, bigger targets, and ever-expanding territories, are just some of the pressures that many sales leaders and their teams are under today.


Furthermore, well-intentioned managers with a desire to coach and get the best out of their people face growing daily demands and pressures that make it near impossible to find the time. That challenge means that regular 1-1 coaching is put to the back of the mind as internal meetings, sales reports, and customer problems take priority. Getting the headspace to even think about anything else is a growing challenge.


Most importantly, the absence of an effective sales coaching system can compound the problem for managers, as a finger-off-the-pulse can lead to individual contributors struggling to hit their numbers, never mind reach their highest potential. The result? They’re inadvertently adding more fuel to their fire-fight, as the heat – and time spent – trying to manage under-performance goes up.


Combing the latest research and practical hands-on experience working with companies worldwide, we have co-designed a highly effective sales coaching system and framework to help senior executives and sales leaders accelerate performance across their teams.



Programme Overview

The Covato COACH programme for sales leaders is a highly effective sales coaching system and application of support that helps you to help your people reach their highest potential. Not just in their ability to meet targets, but in how they can become consistent high-performers and overachievers. We help you achieve this through workshops, guidance, and on-going support that allows you and your team to perform better in less time – while reducing your workload. We do this by helping you:

  • To become an effective leader and coach within your business. We provide you with robust and tested guidance, practical tools, and coaching frameworks you can leverage to boost individual performance, accountability, and productivity.

  • To design and implement your effective sales coaching process and programme that is sustainable, right for you and your team, and the customers you serve. As a result, this can deliver better sales forecasting accuracy, deeper customer relationships and retention, and the creation of new revenue opportunities.

  • To coach all team members, including top-producers and those who may need help turning around their performance in the shortest time possible. Create trust through enhanced communication and understanding of the situation, and how to better align personal goals and aspirations with company objectives to maximise performance.

Who should attend:

Sales and Marketing Leaders

Team Leaders



Programme duration: 3 - 6 month programme depending on your unique situation, priorities and objectives.



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