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... 'a B2B Sales Pipeline that Delivers Profitable Revenue'

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The accessibility of information and knowledge has accelerated the pace of change in recent times. B2B buyers are much better informed and have greater leverage and bargaining power over their suppliers. But they’re also increasingly stressed, under-resourced and frazzled by competing priorities and reducing project timeframes.


Only trusted people are breaking through in this fast-paced digital world, whilst others are struggling to hit their numbers. The winners are not only gaining early access; they’re creating superior and differentiated customer value, whilst building momentum for change within their buyer’s organisation.


Programme Overview

Covato CREATE‘a B2B Sales Pipeline That Delivers Profitable Revenue’ workshop has been designed for sales and marketing teams – and their leaders. It is being delivered by highly successful sales practitioners, advisors and mentors to leading enterprise software, technology, biotech and services companies locally and throughout the world. These companies include publicly listed multinationals, early-stage ventures and established SMEs.


From this programme, you will learn how to:

  • Identify the challenges, barriers and opportunities for success in our digital world. This includes changes in customer buying behaviour and your competitive environment, and how to adapt to them.

  • Create the right plan. Learn how to do the right things earlier to drive profitable revenue for you, and better results for your customer.

  • Gain early access. Learn to create effective value messaging, propositions and approaches that get you access to the right people within your ideal customer organisation. Includes the fundamentals to help you to become strategic customer advisors within your engagement.

  • Improve sales forecasting. Understand how to leverage practical frameworks, tools and technologies that will help you to effectively plan, approach, gain commitment and manage the sales engagement – and your pipeline – at each stage of your customer buying process and beyond.


Who is the programme for:

B2B Sales Professionals

Sales and Marketing Leaders

Founders of early-stage ventures


Programme duration: 90 day strategic prospecting campaign, including the design of a joint plan, workshops, follow-up and follow-through.


Hands-on support for sales pipeline development activity available on request.



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"Covato continue to be a success story for Social Telecoms. Their extensive experience in the UK public sector and the thorough professionalism in their approach to sales pipeline development has helped us to create many contracts.  We are grateful for the part they play in our exponential growth..." -- Rob Mottram, Sales Director, Social Telecoms

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