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Competitive strategy

Businesses who are succeeding in today’s fast-paced digital economy, are winning complex enterprise sales not because of the latest marketing automation, social platform, or even their unique products. They can help BUT they’re winning because they have a clear strategy, framework and plan of action for how to compete during a sales campaign. The result? They’re winning sales of greater value much faster, at higher margins, and more regularly than their competition.


These successful companies have sales professionals working together with their colleagues as one highly effective team. Everything they do – from the way they engage with the right people and build their pipeline, to how they create customer value – is guided by a compete strategy and plan that helps them to advance the sale in their company’s favour.


Programme Overview

Covato COMPETE is the practical competitive strategy programme for executives, sales and marketing leaders and coaches. It delivers a real-world approach to help you to create superior sales performance in your industry and better target customer accounts. From this workshop, you will:


  • Understand the changing role of the sales professional. How to leverage the latest insights, human-to-human selling skills, and advanced teamworking behaviours required to adapt to – and succeed with – the modern B2B buyer.

  • Explore the competitive forces and scenarios that you and your team face. How to implement the right compete strategy and plan to win, based on the situation and opportunity.

  • Formulate your own strategy and action plan to help you and your team to get where you want to be. How to do the right things early and consistently – working with the right people – to create superior customer value, improve forecasting accuracy, and to win more profitable sales for your company.

Who should attend:


Sales and Marketing Leaders

Sales Coaches


Programme duration: 2 day workshop (09:30 to 16:30) + on-going strategy input and support will be provided where required.



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